Mono-modular 1×12” or 1×15″ guitar cabinet – simple, yet impressive!

from € 898,00

Our ‘first one’ and the ‘primary rock’ of Kammler Tunator® Cabinets.
Now available for ‘Kemper’ Profiling Amps with ‘Kone G12G-200’ speaker.*

This is where a 12″ or 15″ speaker can unfold uniquely and fully, i.e. without competing and overlapping vibrations. 

The mono-modular design allows for maximum precision of the sound/tone. At the same time the sound is ‘transparent’ and differentiated. It allows you to perceive playing behaviour (the attack) incredibly quickly and offers many additional combination options:

  • greater flexibility in terms of requirements (Club/Hall),
  • which makes for easier and lighter transport.
  • stereophonic or polyphonic set-up options by separation.
  • sound mixture by using different speaker types in each case.
  • Expansion of the sound spectrum by combining with the Bi-Kini.

     With the Kemper® Kone-Speaker available only in ‘black on green’  Tolex. Open cabinet housing is prepared for a optional rear panel.

“Dietmar, I have one regret concerning the cabinet – I should have purchased years ago! 
The difference is more than I expected and the clarity and definition is fantastic.
They are expensive but you certainly get value for the money.
I’m very happy to be a reference if you need one.”

I. W. - Dudley - United Kingdom

“I used this cabinet  for the first time today and my expectations have already been exceeded.  I just say: Awesome!”

F.-P. S. - Frankfurt Main/Germany
“The ‘Mono-Kai’ has arrived at my place. I am totally impressed and do not know what to say. Except: that’s the madness. I have more than 20 years of experience in the field of electro-acoustics and have not heard anything like it!”
P. W. - Berlin/Germany

“I did first comparisons these days and … recorded. I have a comparison Marshall 1960 AHW vs. ‘MonoKai’The result is partly shocking. For example, in passages with open chords it sounds as if a blanket is hanging in front of the speaker (dull and undefined). “

R. P. - Braunschweig/Germany
“And as for the sound … a dream, every time I play. And how transparent the sound of distorted sounds with my Les Paul is, – even at higher volumes.”
C. F. - Berlin/Germany
“Yesterday and today, all amps that I have as a head, I connected and played with my new kammler cabinets. I would like to join the list of those who now usher in a new era. The Alnicos are great !!! I am thrilled.
M. R. - Wilster/Germany
“Finally the right test: I’m thrilled, speechless, it’s just awesome!”
P. S. - Munich/Germany
“When unpacking, the high-quality workmanship and noble appearance of the ‘Mono-Kai’ catch your eye. When playing , an extremely and evenly tonal development without overemphasizing individual frequencies enthuses – unheard so far!”
T. W. - Dasburg/Germany

“A big compliment for the great work!”

M. K. - Wassenberg/Germany
“If there’s anything left over from our planet, it’s hopefully sounding good. Maybe from the pen of great composers and musicians, out of a ‘Kammler Cabinet’!”
R. D. - Königslutter/Germany
“Your cabinets are a great invention and prove how important the cabinet is throughout the whole chain. Without knowing it, I played with braked equipment for years.”
P. A. - Bad Wörrishofen/Germany

“I have noticed the following with the ‘Mono-Kai Cabinet’:
1. No beaming effect. I wonder how you do that? Great feature!
2. Full and very rich bass at any volume.
3. Very clear and silky heights.
4. Chords and double stops are very differentiated.
All the dots above were for clean sounds and pretty strong distortion, with a ‘Telecaster’ and a ‘Les Paul’.”

F. C. - Aschheim-Dornach/Germany

“I’m very surprised and impressed by the cabinet and the resonance difference. Really amazing and awesome! I’m very happy with the purchase. The King of Cabinets!”

M. C. - Villars/Switzerland

“The Mono-Kai really is a cabinet like no other. This battle is over with the Mono-Kai, now I can really hear my Amp, which means now I can really here my guitar.“

S. W. - Soquel, CA/USA
“Dietmar is just great. He took an awful lot of time to give the right advice in order to select my two ‘Mono-Kai’s’ with the ideal speakers – for my requirements. WOW! The tone comes close to the fingers nearly in real-time! Unbelievable what Dietmar created in countless months of development. To say it simply: The cabinets are highly recommended to everyone here.”
M. K. - Friedrichshafen/Germany
“From the very first note, there was a lot of excitement, and I’m always fascinated by the position-independent excellent audibility – no tipping, highs etc. required – the exact reproduction of playful nuances and subtleties of the ampsound, as well as the assertiveness in the band structure, are unrivaled.”
M. R. - Frankfurt Main/Germany
“since I started my kammler ‘mono kai’ live I do not play any other box anymore. I hear this cabinet all over the stage, the sound is transparent, assertive and fills the whole room! the best investment for years!”
T. S. - Hamburg/Germany
“The best cabinet I’ve ever had! Without my ‘Kammler Cabinet’ I feel naked on stage.”
M. W. - Hamburg/Germany
“First short test: Impressive and direct feeling while playing. Great craftmanship and also looks first-class.”
J. L. - Siegen
“Your cabs are terrific! Can’t say moreI am glad that I came to your website by chance and got to know your speakers. The visit to your place was even more brilliant. I do not want to miss my ‘Kammler cabinets’!”
M. F. - Neuoelsnitz/Germany
“Compliments to the really good cabinet, which sounds clean and sophisticated despite the full saturation of the sound, and I see it as a musical instrument of its own.”
Dr. C. M. - Manno/Switzerland

“Thank you once again for how good these Kammler Mono Kai’s are. They have become indispensible to my sound. They are simply the best.”

C. M. - Sidney/Australia
“Even the first impression of this compact, handy cabinet is impressive – one can hardly believe that only one speaker provides so much spatial presence here – the ‘Mono-Kai’ produces an incredibly clear, transparent and spatial sound, I have not heard from a 112 cabinet in my 35 years as a musician. It’s true that you think you are playing a much bigger cabinet. For me the Dietmar Kammler and his cabinets are the reference and the ultimate speaker concept.”
A. H. - Berlin/Germany

“Dietmar Kammler defines and manufactures guitar cabinets as musical instruments.
The result of his innovation is a tone that has never been heard before.
A deeply impressing sound with an outstanding presence and intensity for all styles of music.”

M. P. - Frankfurt Main/Germany
“Anyway, on this tour I’m so happy with my sound like never before, and your Cabinet is also an important part of it. I have pretty much the most differentiated and fattest sound I’ve ever had.”
U. E. - Austin, Texas/USA

“Kammler Speaker Cabinets are truly the most versatile and transparent I have ever had the pleasure to play through. From the cleanest acoustic harp guitar resonances, to the most overdriven, savage electric guitar tones, these impeccably designed cabinets deliver the whole sonic spectrum in pristine, audiophile quality!“

T. B. - Seattle, Washington/USA

“Great sounding cabinets!”

J. B. - New York, NY/USA

“Your cabinets are just brilliant!!! They sound awesome both with a clean sound and a dirty sound with really cool designs going on … WOW!“

M. T. - Oslo/Norway

“Kammler Cabinets offer me the right pressure and tone I want. They are the best I have ever heard. Just great cabinets and a great guy who builds them with dedication.”

R. W. - Hamburg/Germany
“The cabinets from Dietmar can not be surpassed in clarity and balance. Live, but especially in the studio, you can see drastic differences from conventional cabinets.”
O. - K. - Zürich/Switzerland

“The Kammler 1×12 ‘Mono-Kai’ sounds very transparent, warm and space-filling for a cabinet of this size, which would otherwise be expected only from a 212 or 412 cabinet. These cabinets improve the sound considerably.”

W. S. - Brisbane/Australia

“If you really want to upgrade your stack, do not miss a ‘Kammler Cabinet’!”

B. J. - Broadbeach, Qld/Australia

“I can hardly believe how little I have heard before. The first time, I just had the feeling of having my own sound directly on my fingers. The ‘Kammler Cabinet’ in combination with my ‘REALTONE’ head is merciless – you hear everything, everywhere! In addition to that, good sound recordings were so uncomplicated that I no longer want to miss the ‘Tunator’ construction retrospectively. You just do not need more than that.”

M. B. - Mainz/Germany, Your Content Goes Here

“Definitely the best sounding guitar cabinets I’ve ever played! One you’ve heard it, there’s no way back!”

B. H. - Hamburg/Germany
“These cabinets are world class! So dynamic and incredibly fast in the reproduction of sound.”
M. T. - Hamburg/Germany

“A huge soundstage – and yet a very focused tone with a massive bottom end extension!”

A. M. - Newcastle, NSW/Australia

“Really shocking. So much sound, so much dynamics, so much size from a 1×12 cabinet. Incredible!”

M. S. - Krefeld/Germany

“My amp sounded better than ever, I could hear myself everywhere and equally well, the sound spread wonderfully within the room, the guitar was perfectly located in the band structure.”The compact 112 cabinet sounded as big as my 412s, but much more detailed.”

M. C. - Luxembourg/City of Luxembourg

“An awesome cabinet from you Dietmar. I couldn’t be happier!”

U. E. - Austin/TX USA

“The difference to other cabinets is enormous! I’m totally thrilled!!!”

R. K. - Essen/Germany, Echopark Ltd.


Ecke ohne SchutzMeticulous Edge Finishing

Ecke mit SchutzSandblasted Corners

Grill mit Lasche abnehmbarRemovable Front With Strap

Rollen steckbarRubber Feet/optional: ‘Pop-In/Out’ Casters

3D Verstrebung im CabinetPrecisely Manufactured 3-D Strutting Inside

Speakon Combi VerbindungSpeakon Combi Connection

Tunator‘Red’ Tunator

Technical Details

Connection: Speakon combo connector (jack amp to Speakon/jack cabinet). 
Speaker: 1×12” Celestion Gold or Blue Bulldog (50/15 Watt*),1×15″ Jensen P15R (50 Watt)
or: 1×12″ Tone Tubby (50 Watt) or: Custom options.
Dimensions: 53x53x32 cm (H/B/T). 
Weight: approx. 22.5 kg. (with Gold/Blue Bulldog). 
Cover: Black (Standard) or custom options. 
Corners: on request in metal in black/chrome. 
Handle: stable imitation leather, matches the cover.
Grill: basket in black/grey or custom options. Removable!
Feet: Selected hard rubber (Standard). ‘Plug-In/Out’ casters on request.

Note: The factory setting for every Mono-Kai is 16 ohms.
For ‘High Performance Operation’ casters should be removed.