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Louie Shelton inducted 2009 into the 'Music Hall Of Fame', for his contribution as a session guitarist. Over the past several decades, you would have heard Louie Shelton's signature Guitar riffs and solo's on more hit records than any other session guitarist in history. Some artists Louie recorded with include John Lennon, Whitney Houston, Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye, Joe Cocker, James Brown and many others. He is now using exclusively 'Kammler Cabinets' for his live & recording sessions.  Welcome Louie! We feel honored.

By the way …

Here it is: My first Bass Cabinet, called  'The Base'. The premiere was on 08.03.2018 at the biggest 'Heavy Metal Open Air On Earth' in Wacken/Germany at 3.45 PM with 'Der Wahnsinn'. The Ty-Foon II (410) received a light weight housing, which consists of different wood and more little details. The result is phenomenal and groundbreaking in tonal reproduction as already the famous Ty-Foon (412) has proved. More details on our website. The Mono-Kai II (112) has a weight of only 12.8 kg (with Celestial AlNico Cream). This  babe produces an impressive sound performance. Check it out! On request you'll get your customized studio cabinet which incorporates your sound requirements. And of course, I continue to work meticulously on each individual cabinet for you!  

The ‘Special Edition Cabinets’

The ''Special Edition Cabinets' were introduced at Winter NAMM '17 in L.A., CA.  Meanwhile these cabinets play an important role in all further developments of our cabinets. Various new approaches in construction and the use of different and new materials achieved a refine of our sound experience. NEW: We match your amplifier in detail to the chosen cabinet or we design a completely new housing with you. Every cabinet/head is really unique in sound and appearance!  

Nik Huber / Ulrich Teuffel/Tausch Guitars

NEW IN STOCK: Rietbergen Bass.  Body/Top Wood: Swamp Ash/Maple; Color: Candy Apple Red. Finish/Tone: WOW! Orca '59 Custom. Faded Sunburst. One Piece Plain Maple Top. Super-Hollow-Carve. Brazilian Rosewood Fingerboard (CITES). Awesome Instrument! Krautster II Custom. Color: Charcoal Burst. European Maple Top. Fabulous! Tesla – Classic Studio.  Color: Apricote. Alder Body and Bird's Eye Maple Through Neck with Pau Ferro Fingerboard. COMING SOON: Custom Twangmeister! Tausch – Guitars  665 Raw in Butterscotch mit neuem Tausch B Humbucker. Was für ein Klang!

Presenting Ty-Foon (4×12”)

At the end of 2013 the 'Ty-Foon' (412) prototype was designed and built at the request of Bernd Kurtzke/guitar Beatsteaks. To be heard for the first time on the CD 'beatsteaks' from 2014 and thereafter at all concerts and festivals. 'Gear Talk' in 'Gitarre & Bass' magazine 10/2014 The Ty-Foon sets a new standard for all 412 cabinets. Check it out!