The Ty-Foon – an extraordinary 4×12 cabinet

‘This is the end …’ Freely adapted from Jim Morrison.

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The development of a powerful and punchy spatial sound.

This 4×12 cabinet has, in every aspect, been finished in a unique and uncompromising way: Four ‘compartmentalised’ speakers fitted with a ‘Tunator’ develop an almost unbelievably precise tangible world of sound. Whether ‘dirty’ or ‘clean’, with the appropriate speaker you experience a new dimension in the category of 4×12 guitar cabinets. The extremely elaborate craftsmanship involved in making these cabinets means that you:

  • minimize the transfer of kinetic energy to another speaker.
  • benefit from a more uniform overall vibration behaviour of the cabinet.
  • benefit from an accurate overall playback and transparency of the tone during high sound pressure levels.
  • benefit from enormous responsiveness in the playback of the tones/chords.
  • ensures a stable sound behavior at highest volume levels.

After delivering the prototype, we decided to produce a proto-run of only 12 Ty-Foon Cabinets in 2014.  The reaction has been overwhelming. With the 3-way mono/stereo inputs (optional) the Ty-Foon can be powered by 2 amps.

“Now I am really excited!”

Bernd Kurtzke, Beatsteaks


This is how you always imagined and wished the sound of 412 would be like!
Kei Le, Wirtz; Jessy Martens Band et al with Heere Junker (on the right)


“Kammler Cabinets is listening in 3-D. Yesterday I tested the Ty-Foon: The, Ty-Foon is listening in 4D! “
W. M. - Haltern/Germany
“Got the ‘Ty-Foon’ and am very, very happy. It’s amazing! – The Ty-Foon has catapulted me into a whole new dimension! I now own two of them. Trouser shaking without end – I’m rock musician – and thereby an always differentiated, three-dimensional sound (the term three-dimensional meets the sound experience best), which remains pleasant even at high volume. Dietmar Kammler is an ingenious inventor, a very friendly and kind person, from whom I wish for more, equally groundbreaking inventions.”
B. K. - Mannheim/Germany
“I am really impressed! The sound is very differentiated and precise, the sound of my Kammler Cabinets (Ty-Foon, Mono-Kai, Bi-Kini) is unique: doesn’t matter whether it’s quiet or loud, rocky or bluesy!”
J. S. - Solingen/Germany
“The system for changing the characteristics via ‘Tunator’ is revolutionary and sensational. No other cabinet sounds as open and clear as a Kammler.”
B. K. - Berlin/Germany, Beatsteaks
“Mr. Kammler builds the best cabinets available to buy, and his ‘Ty-Foo’n makes you speechless – an incredible sound!”
R. S. - Hamburg/Germany

“The cabinet arrived in perfect condition … and sounds fantastic. Transparency, dynamics and clarity without end. Great!!!”

A. S. - Winnenden/Germany

„The open yet direct dynamic sound of the Ty-Foon blew me away. My band, but also the technicians are all very enthusiastic. I’ve never experienced a speaker that sounds so tidy, dynamic at the same time so three-dimensional.“

J. M. - Hamburg/Germany

“The Band rehearsal on Friday was a pleasure all along the line: The power of your 412 and the typical surgical precision of a Kammler … Wow! I stood there a few times just amazed and not trusting my ears. Thanks for this cabinet.”

R. P. - Braunschweig


Ecke ohne SchutzMeticulous Edge Finishing

Ecke mit SchutzOr Metal Corners

Grill mit Laschen abnehmbarRemovable Front With Strap

GriffLockable Folding Tray Handles

Rollen steckbarRubber Feet And Pop-In/Out Casters

3D Verstrebung im CabinetPrecisely Manufactured 3-D Strutting Inside

Speakon Combi VerbindungOptional: 3-Way Connection (Mono/Stereo)

Tunator‘Red’ Tunator

Technical Details

Connection: Speakon combo connector (jack amp to Speakon/jack cabinet).
Alternatively: 3 Jack Input for stereo/mono operation.
Speaker: 4×12” Celestion Gold or Blue Bulldogs.
Alternatively: Celestion Vintage 30; Tone Tubbies; Scumbacks or Custom Options.
Impedanz: Depending on performance requirements from 16 to 4 Ohm.
Dimensions: 88x88x32 cm (H/W/D).
Weight: approx. 58 kg. (with Gold/Blue Bulldogs).
Cover: Black (Standard) or custom options.
Corners: Metal in black/sandblasted chrome.

Handle: Stoppable Folding Tray Handle.
Grill: Basket in black/gris/wheat or custom options. Removable!
Feet: Selected hard rubber feet and ‘Pop-In/Out’ casters.

Note: The factory setting for every Ty-Foon depends on individual requirements!
For ‘High Performance Operation’ casters should be removed!

Custom Options:

  • Speaker or speaker combinations.
  • Connection with 3-jacks for stereo/mono operation with 1 or 2 amps.
  • Load capacity from 100 – 400 watts.
  • Desired serial number – if possible.