Used Cabinets

They sound quite tempting!

Cabinets out of the showroom, from exhibitions, touring or trade-ins for upgrades.

All cabinets operate properly. Small signs of use are normal but not significant. Showroom-Models are mostly in perfect condition. The design of the front grill was brought up to date. Origin or special features are indicated.


Mini-Kai (110)

Covering: Stingray Yellow
Front: Black Basket
Corners: Sanded Metal
Handle: Black/Gold
Speaker/Capacity/Impedance: Celestion 10“Alnico Gold Bulldog; 40 Watt/8 Ohm
Remarks: Exhibition and Showroom Model – Ready to play …!

Price:  SOLD!

NEW: Mini-Kai (110)

Covering: Red Tolex (Marshall)
Front: Black Basket
Corners: Metal
Handle: Chrome/Black
Speaker/Capacity/Impedance: Celestion 10″ Alnico Gold Bulldog; 40 Watts/8 Ω
Remarks: Exhibition Model Frankfurt 2014 and Showroom Model. Ready to play …!

Price: €  725,00

Mini-Kai Custom (110)

Covering: MAH Techno – Custom Design
Front: Black Basket
Corners: Sanded Metal
Handle: Chrome/Black
Speaker/Capacity/Impedance: Jensen Blackbird AlNico; 100 Watt/8 Ohm
Remarks: Showroom Model, eye catcher and fits all powerful amps. Ready to play …!

Price:  €  SOLD!

NEW: Mono-Kai (112)

Covering: Stingray Dark Ocean Blue
Front: Black (Wheat/Gris possible)
Corners: None
Handle: Black
Speaker/Capacity/Impedance: Celestion AlNico Blue Bulldog; 15 Watts/16 Ω
Remarks: Showroom Model!

Price: €  SOLD!

NEW: Mono-Kai (115) Custom

Covering: Stingray Dark Ocean Blue
Front: Black Basket (Wheat/Gris possible)
Corners: None
Handle: Black
Speaker/Capacity/Impedance: Jensen P15N; 50 Watts/16 Ω
Remarks: Showroom Model. Going for SRV Sounds?


NEW: Mono-Kai (112) – Custom Made

Covering: MAH Grey/Silver Croc
Front: Black (Wheat/Gris/Silver possible on demand)
Corners: None
Handle: Black
Speaker/Capacity/Impedance: Celestion AlNico Gold Bulldog; 50 Watts/8 Ohm
Remarks: Showroom model. Very noble but restrained appearance!

Price: SOLD!

Mono-Kai (112) Custom

Covering: Vintage White/Silver Croc
Front/Handle/Corners: Silver/Black/None
Speaker/Capacity/Impedance: Celestion AlNico Cream, 90 Watt / 8 Ω
Remarks: Showroom Model! Eyecatcher and spectacular sounding!

Price: SOLD!

Mono-Kai (112)  Custom

Covering: Black Croco – Discreet but noble appearance
Front/Handle/Corners: Black/Black/None
Speaker/Capacity/Impedance: Celestion Redback, 150 Watt / 16 Ω
Remarks: Showroom Model! Eyecatcher and great sounding cabinet. Replacement for 412.
Perfect condition! 

Price: SOLD!

NEW:  Mono-Kai (112)

Covering: Black Tolex
Front/Handle/Corners: Black/Black/None (possible on demand)
Speaker/Capacity/Impedance: Celestion AlNico Cream (New), 90 Watt / 8 Ω. Other Speaker: Please ask!
Remarks: Tour-model. Heavily used like old guitars! Completely stripped off. New Black Tolex and Front.
Including special ‘Kammler’ cover!

Preis/Price: SOLD!

NEW: Bi-Kini (210)

Covering: Black Tolex
Front: Black (Gris possible on demand)
Corners: None (can be installed on demand)
Handle: Black
Speaker/Capacity/Impedance: 2 Celestion AlNico Gold Bulldogs; ∑ 80 Watts/8 Ohm
Remarks: Showroom model. Tunator replaced by a ‘red’ one.

Price:  € 880,00

Mono-Kai Custom (112)

Covering: Black Croco
Front/Handle/Corners: Black/Black/None
Speaker/Capacity/Impedance: Celestion AlNico Creme; 90 Watt/16 Ω
Remarks: Elegant appearance; Rehearsed speaker!

Price:  SOLD!

Big-Bi (212) Custom
Housing only with 3-way jacks!

Covering: Black Tolex
Front: Black Basket
Corners: None
Handles: Lateral folding handles
Speaker/Capacity/Impedance: All up to your choice
Input: 3-way jacks (Stereo-Mono-Stereo)!
Remarks: New Cabinet. Anniversary Offer. Only 1 available!
Without speakers! You can send me your favorites!
Price includes Tunator for the chosen speakers.

Preis/Price: SOLD!

NEW: Fusion (112 + 110)

Covering: Stingray Black
Front: Black Basket (Gris or Wheat Basket possible on demand)
Corners: None (can be installed on demand)
Handle: Black
Speaker/Capacity/Impedance: 1x Celestion Gold Bulldog 12″ + 1x 10″ Creamback gekammert; 90 Watt/8 Ω 
Remarks: Showroom Model. Fabulous and irresistible sounds possible!

Price:  €  990,00

Big-Bi  (212)

Covering: Stingray Dark Ocean Blue
Front: Black (Gris or Wheat possible on demand)
Corners: None (can be installed on demand)
Handle: Black
Speaker/Capacity/Impedance: 2x Celestion G12M-65 Creamback; ∑ 130 Watts/8 Ω 
Remarks: Showroom Model. Fabulous sound!

Price: SOLD!

NEW: Ty-Foon (412)

Covering: Black Tolex
Front: Black
Corners: Keine – aber auf Wunsch montierbar
Handles: Arretierbarer hochwertiger Schalen-Klappgriff
Speaker/Capacity/Impedance: 4 Celestion Vintage 30 (á 60 Watt/16 Ω) in einzelnen Kammern!
Input: Mono-/Stereo Anschluß (2 x 8 Ω Mono für 2 Amps mit jeweils 120 Watt Belastbarkeit oder 1 x Stereo 16 Ω und 120 Watt Gesamtlast)
Feet: Gummifüße und steckbare Rollen für den Transport
Remarks: Showroom model. Ready for all Rock’n Roll Music, Crunch and Heavy. You have to experience this type of cabinet!

Preis/Price: € SOLD!

Prototype (112) for
‘Private Edition Cabinets’

Covering: High Quality Leather
Color: Blue Grey
Front: Blue Grey (leather matched)
Frames: Teak Wood
Corners/Handels: None
Speaker + Impedance: It’s your choice Celestion AlNico Cream, Blue or Gold Bulldog
Feet: Teak Wood with clear rubber inlays
Tunator/Tunator Bars: Made out of Teak Wood
Input: Speakon Combi (Jack/Speakon)
Cable: 8-Quadrat High-End-Cable
AIB: Leather matched for amp included
Remarks:  First finished Prototype and only Showroom model. Non technical appearance. Made for ‘Living Room’ atmosphere. Highest sound quality

Preis/Price: SOLD!