Nik Huber Guitars

Made in Germany and based on a 100 year old family tradition Nik Huber founded ‘Nik Huber Guitars‘ in 1996.

Quality is prior to quantity. For this reason only small numbers of guitars are produced. The selection of woods, an excellent cooperation with suppliers and finally a meticulous handwork in the completion of his instruments are creating his worldwide reputation.

Nowadays ‘Nik Huber Guitars’ are worldwide very popular and sought instruments. We are proud to offer here some very special Instruments.

Enjoy and have fun with your ‘Nik Huber Guitar’!

Coming soon:

Nik Huber Guitars from a private collection!


Sold guitars

Nik Huber – Twangmeister Custom – Lake Placid Blue2019-07-26T12:36:40+02:00
Rietbergen Bass – Candy Apple Red
Nik Huber – Krautster II Custom – Worn Petrol Blue2019-04-29T16:25:46+02:00
Nik Huber – Krautster II Custom – Candy Apple Red2018-05-30T10:12:35+02:00
Nik Huber – Surfmeister – Custom2018-02-03T19:56:00+02:00
Nik Huber – Custom Krautster II – Maple Top2017-12-09T15:28:46+02:00
Nik Huber – Redwood – Tigereye Burst – Onepiece Top2019-10-24T19:23:41+02:00
Nik Huber – Rietbergen Custom –Worn Vintage White “Nitro”2019-10-24T19:20:57+02:00
Nik Huber – 59 Orca Custom Order – D.S. Faded Sunburst
Nik Huber – Krautster II Custom –Worn Onyx Black2017-02-14T08:35:13+02:00
Nik Huber – Rietbergen – Worn Vintage White – Ebony Parts
Nik Huber – Rietbergen – Worn Onyx Black – Ebony Parts2016-12-06T12:14:00+02:00
Nik Huber – Surfmeister – Curly Maple Top – Tigereye Burst2016-12-06T12:14:45+02:00
Nik Huber – Krautster II – Worn Onyx Black – One Piece Body2016-12-13T14:27:39+02:00
Nik Huber – Surfmeister – Maple Top – Faded Sunburst2016-09-25T15:26:48+02:00
Nik Huber – Krautster II Custom – All Klingon Blood
Nik Huber – Rietbergen Custom – Exceptional One-Piece Maple Top – Faded Tobacco Sunburst2016-09-14T12:59:54+02:00
Nik Huber – Krautster II Custom – Exceptional Maple Top2016-09-25T15:28:08+02:00
Nik Huber – Krautster II Custom – One-Piece Body – All 2-Tone Burst2016-12-06T12:18:36+02:00
Nik Huber – Surfmeister Custom Cadillac Green Bigsby2016-05-24T16:29:43+02:00
Nik Huber – Krautster II Custom – Hollow Carve2016-09-29T18:18:04+02:00
Nik Huber – Special Custom – Seafoam Green2018-07-14T19:00:20+02:00
Nik Huber – Krautster II Custom – Worn Petrol Blue Color2019-04-29T16:27:46+02:00
Krautster I Custom – Mahogany/Maple2016-05-24T16:31:11+02:00
Nik Huber – ’59th Orca Redwood Custom Order2016-03-23T12:25:07+02:00
Nik Huber – Custom Special – English Racing Green2016-03-23T12:25:54+02:00
Nik Huber – Swamp Ash-Tele-Style PU2016-03-23T12:26:49+02:00
Nik Huber – Krautster II Custom – Swamp Ash2016-03-23T12:27:27+02:00
Nik Huber – Krautster II Custom – Swamp Ash; Sunburst; Tele-Style PU2016-03-23T12:28:25+02:00
Nik Huber – Krautster II Custom – All Gold2016-03-23T12:29:15+02:00
Nik Huber – Krautster II Black – Custom2016-03-23T12:37:01+02:00
Nik Huber – Krautster I – Custom2015-09-27T18:35:53+02:00
Nik Huber Redwood Burl Custom2015-09-27T18:55:42+02:00
Nik Huber – Krautster II – Custom Order2019-05-08T08:43:28+02:00
Nik Huber – Krautster II – Worn Gold Top2016-03-23T12:40:09+02:00
Nik Huber – Rietbergen Ltd. 9/12 Custom Order. Slightly Used2015-09-27T18:58:28+02:00
Nik Huber – Krautster II – Black2015-09-27T19:00:06+02:00
Nik Huber – Redwood – Tigereye Burst2015-09-27T19:00:44+02:00
Nik Huber – Orca 59th – Faded Sunburst2015-09-27T19:01:24+02:00
Nik Huber – Krautster II, Custom 2-Tone Sunburst2015-09-27T19:02:01+02:00
Nik Huber – Krautster II, Black. Custom Order2015-09-27T18:36:20+02:00
Nik Huber – Special, Sunburst2016-02-21T15:21:13+02:00
Nik Huber – Twangmeister, Ducati Red Custom Order2015-09-27T18:36:32+02:00
Nik Huber – Special. Black Custom Order2015-07-16T17:36:47+02:00
Nik Huber – Rietbergen. Platin Silver, Slightly Used2015-09-21T18:32:55+02:00
Nik Huber – Rietbergen. Worn Onyx Black2016-05-26T10:49:47+02:00
Nik Huber – 59th Orca Black2015-09-27T19:02:45+02:00
Nik Huber – Orca, Gold Top, ‘Semigloss’2019-07-26T12:42:36+02:00
Nik Huber – Krautster II, Silver Custom Order2015-07-16T17:35:39+02:00
Nik Huber – Krautster II, Worn Ice Blue – Custom Order2015-09-27T19:03:15+02:00