Mono-Kai II

Mono-modular 1×12 guitar cabinet. A real lightweight with impressive unfolding of sound!

 from € 1.089,00

Small does not mean less. Highly detailed construction. Big in sound.

This newly developed smaller guitar cabinet can hold all 12″ speaker. It is our response to the wish of many guitarists for an easily transportable guitar speaker cabinet for gigs in small to medium sized locations, home studios and private environments. Furthermore we hereby adapt to a ‘miniaturization’ of various amps.

Here a 12″ speaker can unfold uniquely and fully, i.e. without competing and overlapping vibrations.

The mono-modular design allows a maximum precision of the sound / tone. Using different and lighter types of woods the sound remains equally transparent and clearly differentiated as the big sister: Extremely fast in action the Mono-Kai II  fills any room with precise reproduction of sound. This Mono-Kai II guitar cabinet offers:

  • extremely detailed 12″ speaker sound.
  • room filling sound, regardless of location.
  • great comfort through reduced dimensions and weight.
  • simple and easy transportation.
  • perfect combination possibilities with light and small amplifiers.
  • tolerates easily also powerful amps – depending on speaker.




Ecke ohne SchutzMeticulous Edge Finishing

Ecke mit SchutzSandblasted Corners On Request

Grill mit Lasche abnehmbarRemovable Front With Strap

GriffHeavy Duty Leatherette Handle

Rollen steckbarRubber Feet/Optional: ‘Pop-In-Out’ Casters

3D Verstrebung im CabinetPrecisely Manufactured 3-D Strutting Inside

Speakon Combi VerbindungSpeakon Combi Connection

Tunator‘Red’ Tunator

Technical Details

Connection: Speakon combo connector (jack amp to Speakon/jack cabinet). 
Speaker: 1×12” Celestion: Gold or Blue Bulldog (50/15 Watt*), AlNico Creamback (90 Watt);
or: Custom options.
Dimensions: 43x43x32 cm (H/B/T). 
Weight: approx. 12.8 kg. (with Gold/Blue Bulldog). 
Cover: Black (Standard) or custom options. 
Corners: None or on request in metal in black/chrome. 
Handle: stable imitation leather matched to cover or real leather.
Grill: basket in black/grey or custom options. Removable!
Feet: Selected hard rubber (Standard). ‘Plug-In/Out’ casters on request.

Note I: The factory setting for every Mono-Kai II is 16 ohm.
Note II: For ‘High Performance Operation’ casters should be removed.

Mono-Kai II