The Base

1×15 Bass Cabinet – Unfolding an elementary and precise bass sound.

In the sea of fundamental depths and their control through precision.

The experience in constructing guitar cabinets and the versatile ways of influencing the sound by the ‘Tunator’ have led to a new stunning product:  mono-modular bass cabinet called ‘The Base’. This cabinet delivers highest control of the large 15″ diaphragm and masters low tones quickly and precisely. 

In contrast to the ‘open back’ guitar cabinets, ‘The Base’ has an airtight but removable ‘closed back’. Thus the generated signal is radiated forward only via the speaker and 4 symmetrically arranged reflector tubes. The ‘Tunator’ and the three pins on the removable rear panel ensure the most accurate mounting of the 15″ speaker. The adjustable tension of the cabinet given by the ‘Tunator’ combined with the monolithic design of the cabinet itself reproduce an accurate and precise bass-tone even with high volumes.

‘The Base’ incorporates only vintage 15 “EV’s speaker, whose clarity is appreciated in the low frequency range.

‘The Base’ is available in two sizes, which differ externally only by the cabinet depth and length of the tubes:
‘The Base I’ has a cabinet depth of 33 cm and is ideal for baritone and bass guitars.
‘The Base II’ has a cabinet depth of 45 cm and is designed especially for the range of a bass.
Meanwhile, guitarists appreciate this sound concept as well. Check it out!

The entire construction is geared to highest possible precision of the played deep sound. The bass sounds are perceptible very fast and room filling in a defined way.

A 2×10″ bass cabinet in addition to ‘The Base I + II’ comes soon.

‘The Base’ delivers:

  • a clear, defined bass tone.
  • speedy attack and reproduction of the low frequencies.
  • a quiet and even overall vibration behavior of the cabinet.
  • a bass sound that stays in the depths of every room.
  • a stable bass sound even at high volume levels.
  • an excellent stage and studio performance.
  • Extension possibilities of the tonal spectrum through a 2×10 bass-cabinet.


“Who hears something about the deep bass? Nobody! More than a comforting pressure in the stomach and a roar in the ears. No one can perceive, when it comes to the frequency range below 200 Hz. The characteristic of the instrument, which we call ‘bass guitar’ is here not at home anyway. Where it growls and growls, the lower mids are living, and in order to reproduce them, there is no need for a 8×10 bassinet in the category children’s coffin. Here a rock bassist with taste needs nothing more than ‘The Base’ by Kammler Cabinets! A solid built-in 1×15 Electrovoice speaker with 400 watts of power squeeze the sound from the fingers directly into the face! This box elegantly emphasizes the roughness of the 4 sartres and, in many cases, makes a supplementary ceremony or pre-amp obsolete. Rock ‘n’ Roll is at home here!”

B. O. - Hamburg/Germany

“Your Bass-Cabinet is a killer!”

P. S. A. - Hamburg/Germany

“Last weekend I had the chance to check out this cab with my amps and also brought my reference 1×12“ cab for comparison. 

I must say I‘m more than impressed. I have never heard such fast attack, punch and clarity from low b to the upper registers. The presence of my tone was always there, no matter what volume, and the dynamic is unique. I have never heard a 15“ cab without tweeter that can deliver the whole range as precise and 3 -dimensional as this cab.”

M. K. - Hamburg/Germany

“An extremely sensitive sledgehammer. Incredible”

R. S. - Pinneberg/Germany

Removable Straps
Removable Front with 2 Straps


Precisely Manufactured 3-D Strutting in Every Chamber

Special ‘Red Tunator’ for ‘The Base’

pressing pins
Additional and Accurate Contact Pressure of the Speaker to the Housing

Back Panel
Airthight and Removable Back Panel


Heavy Duty ‚Blue Wheels‘. They Stop and Tighten to the Housing

Lockable Folding Tray Handles

The Proven Speakon Combi Connector (Jack-Amp / Speakon-Cabinet)

Technical Details for ‘The Base I + II’

Connection: Speakon Combo Connector (Jack Amp to Speakon/Jack Cabinet)
Speaker: 1×15” Vintage EV15″  / Upgraded; 400 Watts / 8 Ω
Reflextubes: Each with 75 mm ø
Dimensions Base I: 53x70x33 cm (H/W/D)
Dimensions Base II: 53x70x45 cm (H/W/D)
Weight: ca. 31 kg (I) and 33 kg (II)
Cover: Black Vinyl (Standard) or Custom Options 
Corner: Metal in black or chrome 
Handles: Stoppable Folding Tray Handles
Grill: Black Basket or in Wheat/Gris Basket or Custom Options. Removable!
Casters: Mounted ‘Heavy Duty Blue Wheels’. Ball Bearings for Roll-Stop and
to Guarantee Solid Connection to the Housing.

Note:  ‘The Base’ has an 8 Ω speaker!

The Base