Bi-modular 2×10 cabinet – a clear message!

from € 959,00

With the same dimensions of the Mono-Kai, the construction of the Bi-Kini is, together with the specially developed Tunator, an innovation in the construction of 2 x10″ cabinets. It has ‘something else’ to say in the mid and high frequency range. Its depths are not to be underestimated if controlled ‘properly’. Our Bi-Kini offers:

  • High definition of sound at great harmonic differentiation of sound.
  • Tremendous and clearly perceptible reaction speed.
  • Excellent for ‘Clean Sounds’ and Jazz.
  • Flexibility in terms of the required number of cabs.
  • Option for sound mixing through speaker types or stereo sound with two different amps.
  • Ideal for extending the sound spectrum with a Mono-Kai.
“The sound is within the whole room and so unbelievable. While playing you’re right on the sound and you realize every tonal nuance.The 210 is extremely likeable to me with the clear attack and ‘glittering’ in the heights.”
R. H. - Oelde/Germany
“How many Cabinets and Combo Amps, with a variety of speakers, a guitarist is testing in life probably? – There are many, maybe even more … And then comes a ‘Kammler Tunator Cabinet’, and all is cleared up, in the truest sense … it comes to rest. Such a faithful reproduction with a solid bass foundation, silky highs and even spread in the room, – something that I rarely experienced.”
J. S. - Hannover/Germany
“I came to Dietmar through a friendly guitarist and was curious to try out and listen to the ‘Kammler Cabinets’. What can I say, these are the best cabinets I’ve heard or played so far, so I’ve got some smaller gigs for me ‘Mono Kai’ and ‘Bi-Kin’, both loaded with the Celestion Gold Bulldogs.”
J. M. - Achtrup/Germany
“Kammler Cabinets are really great speakers and sound great, you have to understand the cabinets as a musical instruments, the quality of production and the ‘speaker suspension’ style are unique and unrivaled and totally innovative … I can recreate myself every day. You hear your amps in a completely different light, the sun rises, and Dietmar is a super nice person and really has a heart for musicians, but unfortunately this has become very rare in this country.
J. K. - Hamburg/Germany

“The ‘Bi-Kini’ arrived unscathed and sounds great!”

M. V. - Wuppertal/Germany

“Extremely fine-grained and tonally open, unbelievable tonal development and dynamics. I do not want to miss these cabinets for playing and fine-tuning.”

A. B. - Solingen

“Incredibly clear, detailed and fast in tonal reproduction.”

F. F. - Wuppertal

“Even though I knew roughly what to expect, – I was still surprised.
Not only that I could drive the amp much more tonal, but also the dynamics and locatability are really outstanding!”

M. W. - Demmin


Ecke ohne SchutzMeticulous Edge Finishing

Ecke mit SchutzSandblasted Corners

Grill mit Lasche abnehmbarRemovable Front With Strap

GriffHeavy Duty Leatherette Handle

Rollen steckbarPop-In/Out Casters/optional

3D Verstrebung im CabinetPrecisely Manufactured 3-D Strutting Inside

Speakon Combi VerbindungSpeakon Combi Connection

Kugel-TunatorBi-Kini Tunator

Technical Details

Connection: Speakon Combo (Jack Amp to Speakon/Jack Cabinet).
Speaker: 2×10” Celestion Gold  Bulldogs (80 Watt*)
or: 2×10” Jensen P 10 R (50 Watt*)
or: 2×10″ Tone Tubbies /100 Watt*). Alternatively: Custom Optionen.
Dimensions: 53x53x32 cm (H/W/D).
Weight: ca. 24 kg. (with 2 Gold Bulldogs).
Cover: Black (Standard) or custom options.
Corners: On request in black metal or sanded chrome.
Handle: Leatherette for heavy duty. Matched to cover.
Front: Basket in black/gris/wheat 0r custom options. Removable!
Feet: Selected Rubber. On request: ‘Pop-In/Out’ casters.

Please Note:  From factory each Bi-Kini is default to 16 Ohms.