Premium Transport Covers – ‘Made in Germany’

Especially tailored transport covers. Made of durable polyester fabric in black with ‘Kammler Cabinets’ imprint. Padded wish water-/dirt-repellent foam
and of course: MADE IN GERMANY!

Prices per unit:
Mono-Kai      89,00 €
Bi-Kini            89,00 €
Mono-Kai II   89,00 €
Mini- Kai        79,00 €
Big-Bi             98,00 €
Fusion           98,00 €
Ty-Foon       187,00 €
Ty-Foon II    179,00 €

The qualitiy is really excellent! You have, as might be expected, perfectly adapted the quality from your standards to these transport covers. They are not ‘cheap’, but each cent worth!  That’s why your products are mine, because there is no compromise on quality.
Klaus Bernzen, Jaggards Lane

Cover Mono-KaiCover Big-BiCover Ty-Foon