Bi-modular 2×12 cabinet – powerful, precise and transparent!

from € 1.148,00

Developed for those who need more thrust and composure with higher performance. Just like all Kammler Tunator® Cabinets the Big-Bi provides maximum sound transparency through its construction. Vibration overlaps are minimised by the ‘compartmentalisation’ of the speaker. A Tunator in each compartment gives the cabinet additional maximum stability and fidelity of sound without the traditional problems associated with multiple speakers in one case. The Big-Bi offers:

  • Highest possible minimisation of frequency and vibrational overlaps.
  • Tremendous playback speed (attack).
  • High sound transparency due to its construction.
  • Precise sound volumes.
  • Sound mixture by using different speaker types in one case.
  • Option for stereo operation with 2 amps.
“The Cabinet is awesome. That sounds a lot better than it looks. Incredibly stable tone. There is no stumbling. Tight bass, clear highs – perfect. This cabinet fits every amp.”
T. G. - Heilbronn/Germany
“After years I finally arrived at what I was looking for. It all sounds like I always wanted, every guitar, every pedal and above all the feeling of playing is reproduced so accurately and differentiated without anything to over-cover or cover. Wow! I could not imagine this..super. This is definitely the best money I have spent on equipment.”
Hp. D. - Bueren/Switzerland
“Your development is awesome! The cabinet reacts unbelievably directly. Unbelievable. It is always present and and the tone literally jumps on the player. Do I play better? No, I do not think so, that’s due to the cabinet. Incredible! I can now even play with lower volume (is really unusual for the guitarist = quieter, what is that?) Within the band I and the colleagues hear me much better!”
N. M. - Chemnitz/Germany
“Fantastic sound rehearsed on the weekend with the band and also within the usual environment and familiar setting the cabinet sounds fantastic, especially the precise response and this differentiated sound, especially in terms of distorted chords, is just fun!”
O. G. - Hamburg/Germany
The ‘Big-Bi’ leaves nothing to be desired and offers exactly the open and dynamic sound that I have always imagined. It makes every guitar sound the way it sounds. Take a Les Paul, ES, Tele or a Strat. Nothing comes equal to these Cabinets!”
M. F. - Neuoelsnitz/Germany

!”Can cabinets really make such a big difference? After my visit, I can answer that with a YES!”

K. S. - Hamburg/Germany
“What can I say, these are the best cabinets I have ever heard or played. They are unbelievably tidy and clear.
(…) I bought the ‘Big-Bi’ with the Blue Bulldogs. The cabinet is so spatial and powerful at the same time, and that, although it is on the ground and actually “blows my legs”. For smaller gigs I got the ‘Mono-Kai’ and the ‘Bi-Kini’, but with the gold bulldogs.
The service is awesome! That starts with great advice with the coffee and even after the purchase everything is always possible :-).”
J. M. - Achtrup
“Dietmar built me a Big-Bi (…) – of course (…) with different speakers. After playing only 4×12’s for decades, I now know what a very good, room-filling sound is! The artisan craftsmanship is perfect, as well as the customer service and the always friendly exchange with a manufacturer, who prefers highest quality, rather than mass-produced goods and profit maximization. Dear Dietmar, many thanks for the good sound and the joy that I have with it every day !!!”
T. W. - Dasburg/Germany
“What I expected: Balanced sound with even distribution within the room!”
S. G. - Hildesheim/Germany

“Direct, honest and faster the sound does not go from your finger to your ear!”

B. R. - Hamburg/Germany

“Absolutely fantastic Cabinets !!Very big level.”

A. R. - Annaberg-Buchholz/Germany, CBA PA Company/Tonekeeper Studios

“The ‘Big-Bi’ is very clear in it’s definition, incredibly responsive to the signal you’re playing, and since I’ve been playing KAMMLER CABINETS, I do not need to rip my amp up that way, and still get through the band structure.

K. L. - Hamburg/Germany

“In my Big-Bi has 2×12 powerful arguments, never to change the cabinet!”

S. G. - Buchholz/Germany

“the new Rig with 2 Big-Bi Sounds Great, open and more defined! thanks Dietmar for the fabulous cabs!!!”

B. R. - Hamburg

“Soundwise your 212 cabinet simply blows 412er to the wall. Even my bandmates noticed that immediately :-)”.

K. B. - Heidelberg/Germany


Ecke ohne SchutzMeticolous Edge Finishing

Ecke mit SchutzSandblasted Corners

Grill mit Lasche abnehmbarRemovable Front With Strap

GriffHeavy Duty Leatherette Handle

Rollen steckbarRubber Feet And Pop-In/Out Casters

3D Verstrebung im CabinetPrecisely Manufactured 3-D Strutting Inside

Speakon Combi VerbindungSpeakon Combi Connection

Tunator‘Red’ Tunator

Technical Details

Connection: Speakon Combo (Jack Amp to Speakon/Jack Cabinet).
Alternatively: 3-Jack Input for stereo/mono operation.
Speaker: 2×12” Celestion Gold/Blue Bulldog (100/30 Watt*)
or: 2×12” Jensen P 12 R (100 Watt*)
or: 2×12″ Tone Tubbies /100 Watt*). Alternatively: Custom options.
Dimensions:  45x88x32 cm (H/W/D).
Weight: ca. 34 kg. (with 2 Gold Bulldogs).
Cover: Black (Standard) or custom options.
Corners: On request in black metal or sanded chrome.
Handle: Leatherette for heavy duty. Matched to cover.
Front: Basket in black/gris/wheat 0r custom options. Removable!
Feet: Selected Rubber and ‘Pop-In/Out’ casters.

Please Note:  From factory each Big-Bi is default to 8 Ohms.
For ‘High Performance Operation’ casters should be removed.