The next stage

… in sight and sound.

Private Edition Cabinets

… are crafted from exceptional wood, finest leather and artistically fitting seams.
They provide a worthy enclosure for the invisible beauty of the sound of our cabinets
Delight and devotion to music is our motivation.

Our patented ‘Tunator’

… and it’s rods are precision milled from precious wood..
  The embodied threads are made from brass and stainless steel.
They facilitate fine tuning.

The leather

… is of very best quality and carefully chosen.
  Choose your own color and style.

The precious wood parts,
the leather seams

… are fitted together with matching color and style.
Simple but elegant.
Understandable and clear.


… is the resulting sound from this combination of exclusive components.
It will take hold of all your senses.

A unique item

… that we create exclusively with you only for you!

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