Louie Shelton

Gitarrist. Recording and session player.

“I am a recording and session player for over 40 years and can honestly say: The Kammler Mono-Kai is the best sounding speaker cabinet I have ever used, check it out!”

Bernd Kurtzke

Guitar – Beatsteaks

“The system for changing the characteristics of the cabinet ist revolutionary and sensational. No other cabinet sounds as open an clear as a Kammler Cabinet”

Djamel Laroussi

Djamel Laroussi

Gitarrist; Multi-Instrumentalist; Singer; Songwriter; Producer.
Member of Stevie Wonder Band (2010); Played with Graham Haynes, Steve Williamson; Keith Copeland; Chico Freeman; Billy Cobham; Dave Liebman u.v.m.

“The ‘Kammler’ guitar cabinet delivers a very full and powerful sound, which always remains differentiated and transparent. Almost impressive is the ability to fine-tune the sound by changing the tension of the cabinet through the patented ‘Tunator’, giving the sound something you need: Fuller, wärmer or more detailed and transparent. The Cabinet looks very solid and sturdy and will withstand even harder jobs.

I can only recommend to anyone to test this guitar cabinet and convince themselves of the impressive sound. “

Tim Bertsch - Gitarrenbox Kammler Cabinets

Timothy ‚Tim’ Bertsch

Guitarist, Harpguitarist, Composer, Performer, Recording Artist / Seattle, U.S.A.

“Kammler Speaker Cabinets are truly the most versatile and transparent I have ever had the pleasure to play through. From the cleanest acoustic harp guitar resonances, to the most overdriven, savage electric guitar tones, these impeccably designed cabinets deliver the whole sonic spectrum in pristine, audiophile quality!”

Ulrich Ellison

Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter and Music Producer
Bild:  © Mark Del Castillo, JJ Guitars

„To all my guitar player friends – here is a pretty revolutionary product that’s worth checking out. Imagine a high-end cabinet that is tunable in its resonance (yes through metal rods applying pressure inside!) and has an omni-directional sound pattern. This is achieved through structures inside the cabinet and a super wide open back opening. When I played the cabinet some of my favorite tones were coming from the back of the cabinet!“

Scott Walker

Luthier, Guitarist and Steel Guitarist

“The Mono-Kai really is a cabinet like no other. I immediately realized, up until now, i have been “correcting” my cabinets EQ with my amplifier. This battle is over with the Mono-Kai, now I can really hear my Amp, which means now i can really here my guitar.“

Ulrich Rode

Gitarrist und Musikproduzent. BAP; Annett Louisan; Gregor Meyle; Konstantin Wecker; Mark Forster; Roger Cicero; Rosenstolz; Revolverheld u.v.m.

“Dietmar builds cabinets that are really amazing in terms of transparency and pressure and are very balanced and warm sounding. Great!”

Adam Miller

Fingerstyle Guitarist – Australia

“A huge soundstage – and yet a very focused tone with a massive bottom end extension!”

Hendrik Freischlader


“ The perfect combination of ‘vintage’ and ‘modern’. Voluminous, dynamic, clear and defined. “

Oliver Varga

Guitar – Christina Stürmer Band / Österreich

“The boxes are pretty much the most exciting thing I’ve heard in a while”.

Joe Berger

Musician; Sound Mixer. John Entwistle (The Who); Eric Burdon; Jack Bruce; Bill Cobham; T.M. Stevens; Jon Hammond; u.v.m. / NYC – U.S.A.

“Great sounding cabinets!”

Helmut Bibl

Guitar – Falco; Supermax; Drahdiwaberl; Andy Baum
YouTube: Bibl Rocks
Mayday Records Wien/Österreich

“The ‘mono quay’ is awesome!”

Jürgen ,Jay‘ Scholz

Gitarre, Vocals; Gleis 8, Jule Neigel, Klaus Lage, Udo Lindenberg

“These cabs are killer. Smooth `n bright treble, nice mids, a tight bass response and a 3D-sound-out of this world! That‘s the real shit.
Give it a try …”

Magnus Tveiten

Musician, Guitar (Blodsmak), Teacher / Norway

“Your cabinets are just brilliant!!! They sound awesome both with a clean sound and a dirty sound with really cool designs going on … WOW!”

Kai Stuffel aka ,Kei Le‘

Kai Stuffel aka ,Kei Le‘

Songwriter, Studio- und Livegitarrist u.A. für Daniel Wirtz, Jan-Josef Liefers, Oomph, Jessy Martens, Paul Coleman (USA). Foto: Dominik Gruszczyk.

“If you want your FOH to give you flowers and go out for dinner with you, then put him on the stage with a ‘Kammler Cabinet’. It’s very clear in definition, speaks incredibly fast to the signal you’re playing. Since I played ‘Kammler Cabinets’ I don’t need to rip my amp like that anymore, but I still got stuck in the band structure, but lately I’m still quieter.”

Stefan Bernheimer

Composer – Guitarist / Austria

“I’m playing a Mono-Kai II (Celestion AlNico Cream) and a Mini-Kai (Jensen Blackbird) and I love the sound. It’s so much better on stage, the sound is very very natural and beautifully defined. From clean tones to high gain: It’s a pure pleasure! I don’t want to miss these 2 ‘Kammler’ Cabinets anymore.”

Foto: © Kelly Thans Photography

Mike Christmann

Guitar – Elysian Gates / Luxemburg

“When I first read about the ‘Kammler’ Cabinets, I was very skeptical: reinventing the cabinet? I thought it was a marketing gag until ….yes, until the day I played a gig over a borrowed Mono-Kai: My amp sounded better than ever, I could hear myself everywhere and equally well. The sound spread wonderfully in the room and the guitar was perfectly located within the band structure. The compact 112 sounded as big as my earlier 412 cabinet, but much more detailed and with an incredible attack. “
Werther Wahnsinn

Werther Wahnsinn

Bassist – Der Wahnsinn

“My pitched-bass sound needs a cabinet that prevails within the biggest musical noise and chaos. No other cabinet can compete a ‘Kammler’. The madness!”

Roman Werner

Roman Werner

Gitarre; Mit Ken Hensley (Uriah Heep), Jessy Martens & Band, Roman Werner Band u.v.a.

“Kammler Cabinets give me the right pressure and tone I want. They are the best I’ve ever heard.  Just great cabinets and a great guy who builds them with dedication.”
Markus Born

Markus Born

Engineer, Producer, Gitarrist & Bassist – kleine Audiowelt (Studio)

“With the ‘Mini-Kai’ (110), I finally found the optimal recording cabinet. The EQ has become redundant. The ‘Mini-Kai’ delivers the perfect and impressive ratio of tonal envelope and sustain with absolutely natural sound of the characteristics of each guitar. The cabinet is always clear, punchy and dynamic. Handling of he microphone is extremely simple, since the cabinet has a very uniform radiation behavior. Ideal also for club gigs, as it never gets shrill on the main axis and off-axis and presents almost the full tonal spectrum. This allows me to control precisely the sustain and feedback behavior of my Gretsch 6120. Control the space – play ‘Mini-Kai’!”
Jens Koehler

Jens Koehler

Live- und Studiogitarrist, Komponist.

“The holy grail of the guitar cabintes! The search is over!
For me by far the best guitar cabinets you can buy for money. In my studio I have been using different models of the ‘Kammler Cabinets’ with different speakers for months and have tested them extensively.
You hear the sounds so clean, directly, tautly, clean and transparent, as I’ve never experienced before. The sound is extremely spatial, no matter where you are on stage or studio. These speakers seem to resonate somehow like a very good acoustic guitar.
Pure dynamics and sustain. This are great cabinets which seem to be more an independent instrument than just a normal ‘box’!”

Peer Frenzke

Peer Frenzke

Gitarrist, Produzent, Dozent und Autor. Begründer der 1st Class Session. Petersbergstudio

“Both live and during studio recordings my 1×12″ Kammler Tunator® Cabinet sounds extremely transparent, warm and space filling – without cutting or dull interference frequencies with which our guitarist guild has frequently faced with. The cabinet seems to me like an acoustic magnifying glass that can mercilessly depict all weaknesses and strengths of amps and other gear. You hear, that here is not simply bolted a membrane into a housing: Here an intense audiophile research has taken place.”

Franz Plasa

Franz Plasa

Musikproduzent, Songwriter, Musiker und Gitarrist; HOME STUDIO

“The perfect cabinet for guitarists who know what they want to hear.”
Oliver Keller

Oliver Keller (Schweiz)

Live- und Studiogitarrist – ,The Voice of Switzerland‘; Udo Jürgens Tour 2014/15 u.v.a.

“The cabinets made by Dietmar can not be surpassed in terms of clarity and balance.
Live, but especially in the studio, you can see, hear and feel drastic differences from conventional guitar cabinets.”

Bassel Hallak

Producer, Songwriter, Musician

“Definitely the best sounding guitar cabinet I’ve ever played! Once you’ve heard it, there’s no way back!”

Ulrich Teuffel

Ulrich Teuffel

Nik Huber Guitars

“The cabinets of Dietmar Kammler are sounding bodies in the real sense of the word – great and big sound!”

Nik Huber

Nik Huber

Nik Huber Guitars

“Feels like the warm embrace of a person you havn’t seen for a long time!”


Burkard Maria Weber

Komponist / Cellist / E-Cellist

„Ich kann das 112er Cabinet von Herrn Kammler sehr empfehlen. Sie ist mit Abstand das Beste, was ich mit meinem E-Cello gespielt habe und für jeden der höchste Ansprüche an Klang und Dynamik hat genau das Richtige.

Was ich als klassischer Instrumentalist besonders faszinierend finde ist, dass sie wie ein Instrument reagiert und man sehr differenziert mit dem Klang – in time –  beim Spielen arbeiten kann.“

Andreas Breuhaus

Andreas Breuhaus

Realtone Amps

“The cabinets of Dietmar Kammler are sounding bodies in the real sense of the word – great and big sound!”

Cameron Muche

Cameron Muche

Gitarre – Sarcood (Australia)

“The Kammlers have ruined every other cab for me. They are simply the best.”

Michael Palm

Michael Palm

Gitarre – Summers Ocean

“Dietmar Kammler seems to be the first one who understands, defines and manufactures guitar cabinets as musical instruments. The result of his innovation is a tone that has never been heard before. A deeply impressing sound with an outstanding presence and intensity for all styles of music.”

Carl Carlton

Carl Carlton

Musiker, Gitarrist, Komponist und Produzent

“I am very, very impressed.”

Lukas Kowalski

Musiker, Songwriter, Gitarrenbau, Fotografie
Bild: © NDR

“Despite the small dimension the ‘Mono-Kai’ produces a larger, more sophisticated and lively sound than any other cabinets I know. An ‘all-round noble cabinet’ which  is capable of depicting a good amp and a good instrument in a characteristic way.”

Bert Ruddigkeit

Bert Ruddigkeit

‘Reverend Billy Bo‘,  Gitarre – Trez Hombrez

“A jewel within the sound chain. More directly, honest and faster the sound does not go from the finger to the ear! “

Till Hoheneder

Till Hoheneder

Comedian, Musiker (Altobellis), Autor

“I was definitely impressed by the sound of your speakers/cabinets. Especially the 2×10 in your ‘Rusty Look’ was a ‘Killer’!”

Martin Fankhänel

Martin Fankhänel

Guitar + Singer – The Lateriser

“The sound in the room is incredibly good, vivid and extremely three-dimensional. The tonal development is phenomenal and makes customary compensation measures (beam blocker, Deeflexx or equalizer post-processing) superfluous. You are right on the sound and perceive every nuance. The ‘Bi-Kini’ (210) and the ‘Mono-Kai’ (112)  complement my REALTONE top incredibly well. The 210 is extremely likable to me with the clear attack and ‘glittering ‘in the heights, the 112 creates a warm, full founded tone, carries the sound and sings. I can hear myself so wonderful, can play quieter and it sounds like playing with 2 amps. The bass is huge for open cabs, but remain surprisingly crisp and ‘fast’ due to the ‘Tunator’ construction. Endless pure tone. The ‘Kammler Tunator Cabinet’ simply brings the best results, without disturbing frequencies and resonances.”

Jan Schwarte

Jan Schwarte

Gitarre – Jan Schwarte Bluesband

“I am really impressed! The sound of the ‘Kammler Cabinets’ is very differentiated, distinctive and precise and finally unique no matter of playing soft or loud, rocky or bluesy! The ‘Kammler Cabinets’ are played by me in combination with the 33 Watt ‘Realtone Amps’ “
Walter Stapf

Walter Stapf


“The Kammler 1×12 ‘Mono-Kai’ sounds very transparent, warm and space-filling for a box of this size, which would otherwise be expected only from a 212 or 412 cabinet. These cabinets improve the sound considerably.”

Philipp Grünschloß



“The Mini Kai with the 10″ Blackbird sounds big and round on its own, but stays in place Band context unobtrusive even if the guitar has a present volume. Whether clean, sweet spot or distorted, everything sounds directly and finely drawn. Thank you Dietmar, this is my box for the lonely island! ”

Marco Winkler

Marco Winkler

Guitar + Singer – The Lateriser

“The ‘Kammler Tunator Cabinets’ are a sonic revelation!. I don’t know anything that even comes close to this dynamic and presence.”