Studio Work: ‘Kammler Cabinets’ 

‘Kammler Cabinets’ are ideal for studio use as recording cabinets because of their detailed tonal information and plasticity . The precise and very dynamic listening experience facilitates instrumental tone decisions and significantly reduces corrections via the studio console.

The ‘monolithic’ construction of our cabinets with the patented ‘Tunator ensures a characteristic and highest possible image of the various types of speakers in a housing. Thus, e.g. a ‘sound-kit system’ is enabled  (see picture on the right) with a variety of possibilities and highest quality in the reproduction will be generated.

Upon request, special ‘studio cabinets’ are made. Thus, ‘open-back cabinets’ can be converted very quickly to hermetically sealed ‘closed-back’ or ‘reflex-tube-backs’. Thus various sound characteristics and features are combined in a single studio cabinet.

All cabinets have a removable front cover for the microphone!

You want to broaden your possibilities? A ‘Kammler Cabinet’ can become a tonal search and addiction instrument. The musical density of information promotes creative processes and experiments.

‘Does not work’ – This ‘does not exist’ with me! Only the attempt provides clarity. An Example: Try a ‘Fender Rhodes Piano’ via a ‘Mini-Kai‘ loaded with a Jensen 10″ Blackbird. You will be amazed at the listening experience!

Within the bass range ‘The Base‘ sets a new and different standard. This bass cabinet is suitable also for baritone guitars, 7-string and is even playable with the 6-string guitar.

Louie Shelton, Hall of Fame Artist, Nashville; Session & Recording Artist.
Youtube : Kammler Tunator Cabinet demo with Louie Shelton


Product Video 

First studio appearance of ‘Kammler Cabinets’ in 2012 at Echopark Studio in Essen/Germany.

Managing Director Rüdiger Konetschny was enthusiastic about the tonal results and produced the first product video..

At that time the ‘red corner’ on the top right was the ‘handmade logo’.

Since then, the quality of all cabinets has steadily improved.

We Love Music!



Studio Feedbacks

“With the ‘Mini-Kai’ (110), I finally found the optimal recording cabinet. The EQ has become redundant. The ‘Mini-Kai’ delivers the perfect and impressive ratio of tonal envelope and sustain with absolutely natural sound of the characteristics of each guitar. The cabinet is always clear, punchy and dynamic. Handling of he microphone is extremely simple, since the cabinet has a very uniform radiation behavior. Ideal also for club gigs, as it never gets shrill on the main axis and off-axis and presents almost the full tonal spectrum. This allows me to control precisely the sustain and feedback behavior of my Gretsch 6120. Control the space – play ‘Mini-Kai’!”
Markus Born, kleine Audiowelt

“Both live and during studio recordings my 1×12″ Kammler Tunator® Cabinet sounds extremely transparent, warm and space filling – without cutting or dull interference frequencies with which our guitarist guild has frequently faced with. The cabinet seems to me like an acoustic magnifying glass that can mercilessly depict all weaknesses and strengths of amps and other gear. You hear, that here is not simply bolted a membrane into a housing: Here an intense audiophile research has taken place.”

Peer Frenzke, Petersbergstudio