Perfection At The End Of The Signal Path

The Undervalued Component: The “Guitar Cabinet”

It is fair to say that in terms of technological development of amplifiers and electric guitars, we have reached a very high level to date.

The look and feel of guitars and amplifiers are already admirable and fascinating.
In addition they often have special emotional significance and a story attached to them.

The optimisation of cabinets, on the other hand, has been hitherto neglected. They are quite boring in comparison 
and everything but ‘sexy’.

But where does the sound actually come from?

It is the cabinet that makes the quality of the guitar and amp audible. Both are “fired” by the playing musician. The cabinet is the last link in the playback chain.  This is how the musician can hear the note he has just played. A circle is closed.

We did not solve dissatisfaction with conventional cabinets, by constantly replacing the speaker. Instead we asked ourselves, what a conventional speaker could do in a better case?

Live performers used to ‘sticking’ close to their cabinet, to be able to hear themselves, will be surprised by the Kammler Cabinet. The clear presence of the tone is perceived instantly. In addition, sound ‘disturbers’ are much easier to track down and changes in settings easier to notice. As long as the cabinets are placed on a solid floor, they are mostly unaffected by the spatial circumstances.

The speaker types used by Kammler Cabinets develop their own assertive sound quality: Musicians wanting to hear their sound, receive a precise ‘detector’. A tone already found can be subtly refined and thus open new creative processes.

With their products Kammler Tunator® Cabinets represent high-quality speaker-cabinet units. During development, a test series was run on the volume of the case and the sound knowledge gained, combined with craftsmanship in the handling and processing of raw materials, to create a meticulously designed independent product.

Without compromise, each and every Kammler Tunator® Cabinet is elaborately hand-crafted and ‘Made in Germany’.