Ultra Lite

Mono-modular and legendary:
The Mono-Kai incredibly lite!

Another quality feature in the construction of excellent sounding cabinets has become reality:
The significant reduction in weight!

Looking for possible ways to create a lightweight cabinet that meets the tonal requirements of the professional ‘Stage Line’, new materials have been considered. The material, however, required further enormous detail work in order to be able to embed it in the desired musical context.

The already patented Tunator® opens up a wide range of sound possibilities in addition to changing the tension of the housing itself. Bu made from solid instrument wood, it uses the newly developed ‘soundplates’ to transfer a ‘mood’ of the selected wood into the new material. 

The Ultra Lite offers:

  • the ‘Kammler Cabinets’ typical sound features
  • hitherto unattainable lightness for excellent sounding cabinets
  • easy transport without’back problems’
  • allows the use of all preferred speaker types
  • Tunator® which is made entirely of the best wood from the instrument industry
  • a slightly hange of ‘timbre’ (sound) by wood selection via the new innovative ‘Soundplates’
  • simple and precise change of the cabinet tension due to stainless steel threads
  • clear facts: 10.9 kg /13.4 kg with G12 Neo Creamback / AlNico Ruby, Gold-/Blue Bulldog; AlNico Cream
  • as material thickness the preferred 24 mm

Kundenkommentare :

An almost feather-light cabinet which still delivers the perfect sound. Great!”

J. K. - Hamburg


Ahorn Tunator

Massive Maple Tunator

Maple Rods + ‘Soundplates’

Grill mit Lasche abnehmbar

Removable Front With Strap

3D Verstrebung im Cabinet

Speaker Frame With Leather-Cushioning

Meticulous Edge Finishing

Speakon Combi Verbindung

Speakon Combi Connection


Precisely Manufactured 3-D Strutting Inside

Rollen steckbar/optional

Tunator Tool Set

Technical Details / Facts

Connection: Speakon combo connector plug: jack amp to speakon / jack box).
Speaker: Celestion G12 Neo Creamback; AlNico Ruby; CreamGold-/Blue Bulldog.
Tunator: Made from massive instrumental wood with stainless steel threads.
Dimensions: 53x53x32 cm (H / W / D). Or: Custom order.
Weight: Approx. 10.9 kg / 13.4 kg.(with Neo Creamback / AlNico Ruby).
Cover: Tolex black (standard) or custom options.
Corners: None.
Handle: stable imitation leather.
Grill: DetachableBasket in black/wheat/ ris or: Custom options.
Feet: Selected hard rubber (standard).

The factory setting for every Mono-Kai is 8 Ω !


Ultra Lite ab