We celebrate 10th anniversary of ‘Kammler Cabinets’ with many offers from 15.03.-15.06.2019. 
                         All new cabinet orders receive a 10% anniversary discount!
                                 Please follow the red fonts on all other product pages!
                            Many products are available only 1x .First come first serve!

The Studio-Site is online! +++  Programmatically:  ‘The Base’. A stunning new Bass cabinet!
Extraordinary: The Fusion of characteristics. 10″ and 12″ speaker come together!
The Ty-Foon II (410) is a light weight and as phenomenal and groundbreaking in tonal reproduction like the famous TyFoon (412).
On request you’ll get your ‘customized studio cabinet’ which incorporates your sound requirements.
And of course, I continue to work meticulously on each individual cabinet for you!