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Customized Cabs

Basically every Kammler Tunator® Cabinet is a high quality custom-made item, handmade with masterful care.

Each unit is fitted with specially selected cable material and solder, individually tested and tuned.

We are, however, very willing to meet customer needs. If you, for example, need a different case size to adjust your amp to a Kammler Tunator® Cab, this is possible within certain limits.

You can also choose your speaker/cover/grille cloth combination to customize your cabinet.

All cabinet fronts are removable! This makes working with microphones in the studio so much easier.
Our individual prints have a high colour depth and expressive power straight from the ‘basket’ grills.
This allows the cabinets to be customised for different needs/band formations.

Do you want a matching cover for your amp? We offer a large selection of covers for our guitar cabinets, which we can also use to give your amp a new look.

Contact us without obligation!

Examples you will find in our ‘Custom Cab’s Gallery‘.

We recommend the Tailor Made ’Drive 100‘ cables (Jack to Speakon) in our cabinets. These ones are especially made for us by Vovox.

Beispiele für Custom Cabs

Beispiele für Bezüge


Wir empfehlen für unsere Cabinets die speziell von Vovox für uns gefertigten ,Tailor Made‘ Drive 100 Kabel (Jack/Speakon).
Sonderlängen lassen wir auf Wunsch anfertigen.